Restaurant Adlerfelt is housed in a magnificent 250-year-old building in the Helsinki’s most maritime district, Suomenlinna. Also being the world’s most beautiful World Heritage Site. A familiar and fun group of people behind the cute little neighboring island of Lonna are making sure there’s a lot of  laughter and joy in Suomenlinna also in the future. Insightful dishes drawn from the local food culture, interesting drinks and cool vibes. Modern interpretations of Suomenlinna’s food culture!

Whether you’re seeking a satisfying lunch or a full dinner experience, Adlerfelt aims to provide that sweet moment when everything feels just right. We hope to put a smile on your face and create memories that will keep you coming back for more. Whether you’re visiting from here in Helsinki or halfway around the world, Adlerfelt aspires to be on top of your list of your favorite restaurants.

Adlerfelt is the happy place for you and us. The place where all of us are warmly welcome, regardless of age, gender, sexuality or origin ❤️

Restaurant Adlerfelt opened on June 1, 2020 and it brings joy to the island guests all year round.

We are delighted that you are coming to visit us! We’ll be taking good care of you!

…and hey, we can host private events at our restaurant Adlerfelt between October and April. Whether you feel like organizing Christmas parties, different kind of dinners, wedding parties or even a recreation day. Please contact and let’s see what we can come up with.