Food & drink

The guiding principle of Adlerfelt’s food ideology is versatile utilization of the growing season, as well as responsible choices of ingredients throughout the year. We create modern and nicely surprising flavors using first-class ingredients, always knowing the origin of food. The menu changes several times during the year. The funnest thing is that during every visit you can have something different and tasty to eat. We promise to provide some joy and happiness to life, through enjoyable experiences. Of course, we also promise to be aware of food waste and minimize it as much as possible.

Thanks to our delightful and surprising variety of drinks, dining with us becomes even more beautiful and fun moment. That moment when food and drink have complemented each other has left many of us with wonderful memories of a certain place and time. Those cheerful, happy place moments in life!

Sometimes it’s nice to have a nice long dinner. Sometimes it’s fun to share several dishes with fellow diners. Sometimes there’s just enough time for a quick lunch and then again sometimes you’re not hungry at all, but a refreshing glass of wine would work. Sometimes a cup of freshly grounded coffee is well enough. Sometimes we go crazy and get sucked in a moment and start sampling different wines or beers. However you feel, we always have veggie, fish and meat dishes to enjoy to make that certain moment unique. And hey, of course also desserts!

Adlerfelt’s head chef and sommelier, together with the entire friendly staff, always make sure that the harmonies of flavors come together interestingly in an elegant milieu with a long history. Modern Suomenlinna at its best!

Eating and drinking with us is all about fun and happiness!