Food & wine

The guiding principles of Adlerfelt’s food ideology are the responsible choices of ingredients throughout the year and the respect for Suomenlinna’s food culture. We constantly research local food traditions and seasons, get inspired by the ingredients associated with them. We create modern food culture respecting Suomenlinna, understanding its different eras. We get motivated by traditional food preparation methods and their modern interpretations. Suomenlinna is a real “hidden gem” for us!

The menu changes several times during the year. The coolest thing is that during every visit there will be something different and insightful to savor. We offer color and joy to life, through enjoyable experiences. Of course, we also promise to also take care of the food waste and minimize it as much as possible.

Adlerfelt’s drink list has a relatively wide selection of wines. Our inspired staff is happy to recommend everything from easygoing classics to elegant and interesting wines that tickle the taste buds. The feeling when food and drink complement each other perfectly has left many of us with wonderful memories of a certain place and time. Those “happy place” moments in life! We are big fans of them!

Adlerfelt’s entire friendly staff will always make sure that the harmonies of flavors come together in an interesting, elegant milieu with a long history. Modern Suomenlinna at its best!

Eating and drinking with us is all about happiness!